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As a self taught artist I have had many opportunities to enhance my visions, and dream of how I see the world.  Currently I am working on (4) four bodies of work, and they are as follows.


(1)  "JABBER BOX" Is the title of my latest  body of work and is about the voices we all have in our head. Some speak the truth some just JABBER and its hard to know what the real voice of reason is, sometimes I think its the one I can not understand, or the deceptive one stearing me down the path of the unknown. These pieces are almost forcing the viewer to want to look inside. some are empty and some full of meaning. it really depends on the viewer. Im using the voice of my medium to hear the voice within the viewer to take what they want and leave the rest for another time


(2) "POWER" is a series of mixed media work using found objects (primarily small plastic


military figures) and Encausitc to portray  the

never ending battles for things that we really dont need in our existence.  


(3) "SEE LIFE"  Consist of primarily stylized ceramic, glass, and/or encausitc objects designed to have an illusive portrail of life that is quickly being extinguished.  I see it as glomorized decomposition in diaroma.


(4).HUMANITY" speaks on my behalf of how I see people in the world around me.  Some of these pieces talk about personas of human Ideologies, and ficticious perfections, others talk about the absence of man,  its lack of compassion for its enviornment,  our missunderstanding of purpose, strength in numbers, team work, and the complexity of our species.  These pieces range in medias used (Glass, Metal alloys, Wood, Encaustic paintings/Sculpture ).

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